Article Ⅰ: Official Name

Muslim Student Association at Texas State University” is the official name of the Organization

Article Ⅱ: Purpose

Texas State University’s, The Muslim Students’ Association, strives to build unity through diversity and education. We aim to provide an community for people of all backgrounds, levels of knowledge and levels of piety to learn with and meet with other Muslims on and off campus.The primary goals of the MSA are to educate the students and faculty of the university about Islam as well as create an environment for the Muslim students that follows Islamic guidelines.

Article III: Affiliations

The Muslim Student Association at Texas State University is affiliated with MSA national as well as Lonestar MSA.

MSA National was first established on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by a conference of Muslim students from around the U.S. and Canada, MSA National has been a uniting forum for Muslim students from diverse background. It continues its mission of meeting the needs of Muslim youth on campus with the zeal and energy of the Muslim students, but requires the support of the larger community.

The MSA Lone Star Council (LSC) is a coalition of collegiate MSAs across Texas whose primary purpose is to unify MSAs. LSC serves as a forum for efficient and effective interaction between various MSAs in Texas. The Council focuses on facilitating networking and training/development, and operates with the understanding that through cooperation we can achieve much more than we can accomplish individually.

Since 2002, LSC has connected MSAs to regional organizations and nationwide resources. Their domain allows MSAs to discuss solutions and exchange ideas in order for organizations to reach their highest potential. They focus on leadership development for executive board members by providing them with practical tools to manage their MSAs.

LSC is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and nonprofit that operates in the state of Texas.

Article IV: Membership

The criteria for accepting members to this organization are that prospective members are willing to learn more about the religion of Islam and be accepting of the faith. Members are encouraged to participate in club events and to embrace the community this organization wishes to emphasize.

Article V: Elections

Elections will be held for president and vice president positions at the end of each semester. Members running for the two positions will have platforms on what they believe they want for the organization. Then votes will be casted, and those with majority of the votes will be elected for the two positions. For the following positions; (Secretary, Treasurer, Social Media Manager, and Event Coordinator) interviews will be held to elect officers for the positions. The interviews will be held by the President and Vice President of the organization.

Article VI: Membership Selection

Members are expected to show respect for one another. Showing kindness and awareness for one another as well as being sensitive to everyone’s background and journey within Islam.

Members are encouraged to actively participate in the organization's events and meetings. Muslim Student Association’s goal is to create a well connected community, which can only be achieved through the participation of its members.

Article VII: Roles

President- This is the primary student contact for the organization. This person is the liaison between the student organization, the advisor, the president of the San Marcos Masjid, as well as leaders of LSC and MSA national. The responsibilities of this position tend to include but are not limited to:

  • Supervising all student organization meetings;

  • Overseeing the process of student organization event planning;

  • Overseeing all student organization purchase requests;

  • Maintaining a current list of contact information of the student organization officers, advisor and members

  • Ensuring events are held once a week and meetings are held after each event

  • Giving members a feedback form at the end of each event

Vice President- This person is to supervise a meeting in the absence of the president. They will also assist the president with the oversight of the student organization including fundraising, event planning, ect…The Vice President should maintain continuous contact with the President. The Vice President must be up-to-date on all student organization communication and events. The responsibilities of the Vice President include but are not limited to:

  • Supervision of the student organization meetings in the absence of the President

  • Assisting the President with the oversight of the student organization including fundraising, event planning, etc.

  • Scheduling locations for meetings and events; and

  • Coordinating student organization fundraising efforts with the Treasurer.

Treasurer- The treasurer should keep the officers and members informed about the student organization’s financial activities. The responsibilities of the treasurer include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing the annual student organization budget

  • Monitoring the student organization’s budget

  • Completing an annual financial report for the student organization

  • Tending to the status of all purchase requests

  • Collecting funds and depositing to the student organization’s account

  • Paying bills

  • Keeping a record of all transactions, i.e. deposits, checks and adjusting entries

Secretary- The responsibilities of the student organization secretary include but are not limited to:

  • Taking minutes- at every student organization meeting the Secretary shall keep time of all meetings as well as making sure each meeting is maintained properly;

  • Records- Maintaining the student organization history(i.e. Events and meetings) for that academic year;

  • Purchases- Verifying all student organization purchase requests;

  • Projects- Approving any projects and assisting with student organization projects where needed; and

  • Communication- maintaining communication between the student organization president and individual participants (this may include emails, letters, and phone calls).

Events Coordinator- This position can be filled by one or two people. If the president and vice president decide to appoint two people to this position, then the role should be filled by both a male and a female. The responsibilities of the Student Organization Events coordinator include but are not limited to:

  • Planning, coordinating, and executing a successful event

  • Communicating details of event to both president and vice president

  • Getting financial approval from organization treasurer

  • Making sure all items for event are bought and make it to meeting point

  • If communication with outside organization or with university is needed then contact organization secretary

Social Media Manager- The responsibilities of the student organization secretary include but are not limited to:

  • Keeping members engaged on all social media platforms

  • Uploading up to date information to all social media platforms

  • Staying consistent with social media posts

  • Creating flyers for events

  • Advertising each event a minimum of 10 days prior to when event is going to be held

Article VIII: Procedural for selection and removal

All prospective officers must be current, regularly enrolled students in good standing at Texas State; all officers must have at least a 2.25 Texas State GPA.

In the case of the removal of an officer, the officer in question will first be reviewed by the board of officers of the organization. With the evidence presented and the consensus of the review action will be taken to or to not remove said officer.

If the officer is removed the organization will move to start the re election process for a new member to take over duties of the position. This will take the form of an interview process where prospective officers will participate in an interview with the board of officers.

Article IX: Meetings

Events for members will be held once a week. All officers are to have a post meeting after each event discussing the pros and cons of the event in order to make improvements in the future. Another meeting may need to be held between officers in order to plan the next event.

Article X: Dues

Muslim Student Association will not be requiring dues but will encourage donations. The organization will also be creating t-shirts in which sales will be going towards the organization’s funds.

Article XI: Voting and Decision Making

Decision making on behalf of the organization shall be discussed amongst all officers to get a range of opinions on the work being decided on at the time. A quorum of all six officers should be present when a board decision is being made. (If an officer is unable to attend in person, they should be included in the decision process in some form) However, final decisions will be made by the President and Vice-President of the organization.

Article XII: Establishment of Committees & Sub-Committees

The Board is a committee consisting of; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Coordinator and Social Media Manager. This committee has specific roles which are described in Article VII.

A subcommittee will be created for MSA Showdown each year during the spring term. This committee will be incharge of learning the rules for the event they were assigned and relaying it to members of the organization.

(MSA Showdown is a three-day, tournament style conference which strives to deliver a platform for MSAs in Texas to network in a competitive setting. Showdown is hosted by the MSA Lone Star Council in a different location every year in Texas, in conjunction with the Muslim Student Association on campus. Showdown features a variety of competitions, speakers, workshops, networking opportunities, and social events to engage MSA’ers on all levels.)

Article XIII: Selection and Replacements

If a need arises to replace Faculty Advisor; both president and vice president must have a meeting with Faculty Advisor to inform them of the current situation ensuring everyone is in compliance. Before replacing the Faculty advisor, have a replacement ready who had agreed to take on the MSA organization at Texas State University.

Article XIV: Organization Disbursal

Provision of disbursal of organization assets, should the organization become defunct. Money and assets should go to, The MSA Lone Star Council; “”; (is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN: 26-3111125).

Article XV: Amending the Constitution

If any amendments need to be made to said constitution, All members of the Board must be present to discuss and make a decision on amendment. The President or chosen delegate will then take a vote of the board, requiring a 2/3 vote from the whole Board of this Student Organization to pass said amendment.

Article XVI: Statement of Ratification

A Statement of Ratification is required for this Constitution. To ratify said document, 2/3 vote of the Board is required.